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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
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This Week I Learned - Week #280

Friday, August 17, 2018
This Week I Learned -

Chargeback and showback are terms used to describe ways in which technology costs are tracked. Chargebacks are internal charges assigned to various departments. Showback is an analysis of technology usage across the board.

EC2Instances.info offers Amazon EC2 Instance comparison similar to what AzurePrice.net does for Azure VM types. AzurePrice.net offers cost optimization & auditing services

Having end to end monitoring infrastructure in place helps you track :
• Health
• Performance
• Security

Forrester prediction for 2018: “Kubernetes will win the war for container orchestration dominance.”

Developing a cloud strategy has been cited as the top issue every year since 2012, according to Gartner.

* Site Reliability Workbook is the hands-on companion to the bestselling Site Reliability Engineering book. The 508 paged ebook from O'Reilly is available for free till Aug 23rd.

* With HA there is, generally, no loss of service whereas, with DR there is usually a slight loss of service while the DR plan is executed and the system is restored. . HA refers to the retaining of the service and DR to the retaining of the data. Both high availability and disaster recovery are important in maintaining business-continuity

* IFTTT and Uber open up a new category of automation magic

* Soul patch - small tuft of facial hair directly below a man's lower lip.

* Polo is a horseback mounted team sport. It is one of the world's oldest known team sports. The current game originated in Manipur, a northeastern state in India, and was propagated by officers of the British military in the mid 19th century - Wikipedia

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AWS Disaster Recovery Options

Thursday, August 16, 2018
A useful comparison chart of DR options from a CloudAcademy AWS Architect (Associate) Certification course:
click on image for enlarged view

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AWS Solutions Architect (Associate) Certification [FEB 2018] - Learning Resources

Tuesday, August 14, 2018
The AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate examination is intended for individuals who perform a solutions architect role. Listed below are some resources for preparation

Video Learning Courses:

Free Azure related eBooks, Whitepapers from Microsoft: 2016-2018

Sunday, August 12, 2018
While books can't keep up with the evolving developments, the way the content is structured and presented makes the following useful reading -
  1. The Developer’s Guide to Azure (Last updated in August 2018)
  2. Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle with Microsoft Platform and Tools, Live online version
  3. Serverless apps: Architecture, patterns, and Azure implementation (2018)
  4. Modernize existing .NET applications with Azure cloud and Windows Containers, 2nd edition (April 2018) 
  5. .NET Microservices Architecture for Containerized .NET Applications v2.1 (2018)
  6. Cloud Migration Essentials - A guide to migrating servers and virtual machines (March 2018)
  7. Choosing your database migration path to Azure (March 2018)
  8. Cloud Application Architecture Guide  (2017)
  9. Azure Virtual Datacenter (November 2017)
  10. Microsoft Cloud Storage for Enterprise Architects (September 2017)
  11. Microsoft Cloud Architecture Security (August 2017)
  12. Microsoft Hybrid Cloud for Enterprise Architects (July 2017)
  13. Enterprise Cloud Strategy, 2nd Edition (July 2017)
  14. Microsoft Cloud Networking for Enterprise Architects (June 2017)
  15. Azure Strategy and Implementation Guide (2017)
  16. Migrate Your Virtual Machines to Microsoft Azure (2017), covers Azure Migrate & Azure Site Recovery
  17. Microsoft Cloud Identity for Enterprise Architects  (August 2016)
  18. Microsoft Azure Essentials, Migrating SQL Server Databases to Azure (2016)
  19. Microsoft Azure Essentials, Fundamentals of Azure. Second Edition (2016)
  20. Software-Defined Networking (2015)
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This Week I Learned - Week #279

Saturday, August 11, 2018
This Week I Learned -

* You can provide image data to the Google Cloud Vision API or OCR.space API by sending the image data as base64-encoded text & extract text

Azure Security and Compliance Blueprint provides guidance and automation scripts to deliver a Microsoft Azure platform as a service (PaaS) hosted web application architecture appropriate for handling workloads classified as UK OFFICIAL

* With Docker containers, developers own what's within the container (application and service, and dependencies to frameworks and components) and how the containers and services behave together as an application composed by a collection of services. Meanwhile, IT operations teams (IT professionals and management) can focus on the management of production environments; infrastructure; scalability; monitoring; and, ultimately,ensuring that the applications are delivering properly for the end users, without having to know the contents of the various containers. Hence, the name"container," recalling the analogy to real-world shipping containers.Thus, the owners of a container's content need not concern themselves with how the container will be shipped,and the shipping company transports a container from its point of origin to its destination without knowing or caring about the contents. In a similar manner, developers can create and own the contents within a Docker container without the need to concern themselves with the"transport" mechanisms - Containerized Docker Application Lifecycle with Microsoft Platform and Tools

* Although the cloud is under rapid development in China, regulatory requirements simply don’t allow foreign companies to offer cloud services without first partnering with local companies. Provisioning and migration times are significantly longer, in no small part because operations must be conducted by the local partners themselves. The fact is that, while it is possible, adopting a cloud infrastructure that does not have a physical presence in China places companies at an enormous disadvantage....The administrative maze can only be navigated by a competent local cloud partner, and even then it sometimes seems to be more a matter of creative negotiation rather than satisfying specific rules. In response, cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure have Chinese operations that are logically separate from their worldwide platform. This stems not just from regulatory restrictions but also security concerns, making it impossible to provide cross-border migration and data replication - Forbes

* The US Department of Defense has prohibited the use of GPS-featured devices for its overseas personnel.

* The inventor of Python has stepped down. Dutch computer scientist. Guido Van Rossum, though delighted by this enthusiasm for his software, has come to find the rigours of supervising it, in his role as “benevolent dictator for life”, unbearable. He fears he has become something of an idol. “I’m uncomfortable with that fame...Sometimes I feel like everything I say or do is seen as a very powerful force.” On July 12th he resigned, leaving the Pythonistas to manage themselves - Economist

* As of May 2018, India’s total debit-card volume was 925 million, according to Reserve Bank of India (RBI) data. Launched in 2012, National Payments Corporation of India’s (NPCI) RuPay claims to power over 500 million cards issued by nearly 1,100 banks — giving it more than 50% share in the country’s debit-card market by volume, beating the much older duo of Visa and Mastercard. Globally, 18,000 banks issue Visa cards, and they are accepted at 44 million locations worldwide. For every RuPay-based transaction, say these bankers, NPCI charges a flat 60 paise for acquiring and 30 paise for issuing (ET Prime could not independently verify the exact rates). In other words, for instance, if a customer with a RuPay card issued by Bank A pays through Bank B's PoS terminal, as the acquirer, Bank B will pay 60 paise to NPCI and, as the issuer, Bank A will pay 30 paise. This is a tiny fraction of Visa and Mastercard’s merchant-discount rate, which is calculated as a percentage of the actual transaction amount. RuPay has about 38% market share in ATM transactions and 26% market share in PoS/e-commerce transactions. At Flipkart and Amazon, even with Mastercard and Visa, the transaction-success ratio of is 70%-75%. RuPay’s success rate is around 15% lower than that - ET

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