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20 SQL Server 2005 Keyboard Shortcuts

What is the bored mother of a geek called?

There are a bunch of SQL Server 2005 Keyboard Shortcuts on MSDN, but I find these 20 super convenient & use it very often.

Create a New File CTRL+N
Toggle full screen mode SHIFT+ALT+ENTER
Set or remove a bookmark at the current line CTRL+K, CTRL+K
Next bookmark CTRL+K, CTRL+N
Previous bookmark CTRL+K, CTRL+P
Clear bookmarks CTRL+K, CTRL+L
Make the selected text a comment CTRL+K, CTRL+C
Uncomment the selected text CTRL+K, CTRL + U
Make the selected text upper case CTRL+SHIFT+U
Make the selected text lower case CTRL+SHIFT+L
Toggle between query and results pane F6
Display Object Explorer F8
Output results in text format CTRL+D
Output results in a grid CTRL+T
Cancel the executing query ALT+BREAK
Display the estimated execution planCTRL+L
Display the Replace dialog boxCTRL+F
Display the Find dialog box CTRL+H
Start incremental search CTRL+I
Find the next occurrence of the previous search text F3

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