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My favorite Foxit Reader keyboard shortcuts

Foxit Reader is a free, lean (just 2.55 MB) PDF reader that I have been using for more than a couple of years. Although Adobe started it all, I find it's Adobe Reader unwieldy. Being lazy I generally prefer keyboard shortcuts instead of accessing things with the mouse although it takes a little effort to memorize. Over the years, I've found myself using the following Foxit Reader (Version 2.3) shortcuts often -

Alt+2Full Screen
Alt+3Hand Tool
Alt+6Select Text
Alt+9Text Viewer
Ctrl+-Zoom Out
Ctrl++Zoom In
Ctrl+1Actual Size
Ctrl+2Fit Page
Ctrl+3Fit Width
F3Find Next
Ctrl+Shift+HAuto Scroll
Ctrl+Shift+NGo to Page
F11Reverse View
F9Toggle Menu bar

I found the Auto Scroll and Text Viewer features unusual & interesting.

When you activate Auto Scroll, Foxit Reader will automatically scroll the pages of the PDF file. What's more you can enable the Full Screen option while it auto scrolls. I got a chance to try this out while browsing the amazing photos in the book Blue Planet Run in PDF format.

If a PDF page has images & text, the Text Viewer option will pick just the text. This may ocassionally be useful when you find the font type or images on the page disturbing & you want to focus only on text. This doesn't however match the new Google feature of extracting text in an image in a PDF file.

Also see: Keyboard shortcuts common to Firefox & IE 8 (Beta 2)

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Posted by Anonymous web design | 11/12/2008 03:03:00 PM

This would be great post but some shortcut are doesn't work as alt+1,alt+2 and all which included with +numeric. are those get wrong?    

Posted by Blogger Anil | 11/13/2008 06:43:00 AM

Alt and Number key combination do work for me. Which version of Foxit Reader are you using?    


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