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HOW TO capture mouse pointer in a screenshot

I recently needed a screenshot of a web page WITH the mouse pointer visible. I did not find the regular Print Screen key, MS Paint, Paint.NET, Cropper, the Snipping tool in Vista to be of of any help. After a little googling, I found info dating back to 1999 that is still relevant. Hans Springer wrote that there are atleast 4 tools that can do this -
The first 3 are commercial tools with free trial versions available while the last is freeware. I used SnagIt (which I initially used many years ago) to get my screenshot.

If you know of any other tools, please post your comment.

Free tools to generate screenshots

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Posted by Anonymous kazim | 5/30/2009 12:57:00 PM

i am using Bug Shotting for sometime and i really love it . its FREE ,able to capture mouse pointer above all can be configured to send the snapshot to many of the bug tracking applications.



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