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HOW TO pronounce foreign names

When I was in school & being a non-native English speaker, it was a revelation to me that "Nietzche" is pronounced "n ih t sz ah" and "Sean" as "sh aw n".

I was glad to find the website "Pronounce Names" which calls itself a "Dictionary of Name Pronunciation". I tried out several intriguing names and found the service useful.

Especially when you are doing business, mis-pronouncing a client's name will not be overlooked as a trivial slip-up.

In today's international business environment, it is exceedingly important to say your clients name correctly, you CANNOT afford to call Dumass, a Dumb-ass

You can not just look-up pronunciation of a name on the website but also submit pronunciation of a name so that others can pronounce it correctly and request pronunciation of a name that you don't know and would like to find out.

I hope as the website gets more popular & their database increases, they will come up with an API so that other websites can programmatically access this invaluable repository.

Forvo calls itself the pronunciation dictionary. It has pronunciations for over 2 million words currently.

Also see:
WordWeb - the desktop English teacher
Phone number to word - mnemonic generator

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