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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
An architect's notes, experiments, discoveries and annotated bookmarks.

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Best of Google Webmaster Help videos

Over at SEOmozBlog, Dr. Pete informs that there are 200+ Webmaster Help videos on YouTube featuring  Matt Cutts, Google's most visible anti-spam engineer. Occasionally, some Google secrets slip out during these videos. He watched 70 of the videos posted in 2010 & gathered some unusual facts.  Excerpts -
  • Google does not use the keywords meta tag for ranking. Meta description still has value for other reasons
  • Cross-linking 3 sites probably isn't a big deal, but 30 or 300 could likely get you into trouble.
  • ...footer cross-links are often low-value
  • Google does not guarantee that pages in your XML sitemap will be indexed.
  • Indexation has a lot to do with your authority and trust – an authoritative site will get more love from the crawlers, plain and simple
  • Matt (Cutts) says: "Most people can switch their IP address and never have any issue whatsoever."
  • As long as your domain name and hosting country stay the same, switching from one reliable host to another should have no SEO impact.
  • page speed...would be one of over 200 ranking factors.
  • Google makes a change to the algorithm on the order of ONCE PER DAY.
  • These changes may be batched and rolled out in chunks, but another video confirmed a number of roughly 400 algorithm changes in 2009.

What's in Google's secret PageRank sauce?

Summaries of Google Webmaster Central YouTube videos


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