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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
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HOW TO export Contacts from a LG CDMA Mobile to newer phones

This is a crude trick that I found out by experimenting. This has worked for some but it may not always work as there are multiple parameters involved.

I recently needed to copy Contacts from a LG-Reliance CDMA Mobile handset to a GSM smartphone. After a bit of monkeying around with the available options, I found that you can copy Contacts to the CDMA SIM.

I inserted the CDMA SIM into the GSM smartphone and could successfully copy the Contact details to the smartphone.

Also see: Infographic: 3G vs 4G 

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Posted by Blogger DpAk | 9/21/2012 08:44:00 PM

Thanx Anil... Was googling around to find as how I could copy the contacts from my RiM to Gsm phone.
This post solved my problem.

- DpAk Shetty.    

Posted by Blogger Karthik Gowd | 6/05/2013 01:07:00 AM

Dude thanks a lot man!!! You saved a lot of time for me!!!

I could do only 128 per attempt but got all contacts backed up safely!!!    

Posted by Blogger patil ganesh | 2/05/2014 04:23:00 PM

Hey friend, I am having LG-Reliance CDMA cell, RD3610. I copied 200 contacts from phone memory to SIM memory. But now, my smartphone doesn't accept CDMA SIM card. So please tell me which smartphone should i prefer...Thank you
-Ganesh Patil.    

Posted by Blogger Anil | 2/05/2014 11:06:00 PM

Sorry to know that this crude trick is not working for you. As I mentioned in the post, I was experimenting and it just worked. I had exported Contacts to a Samsung Omnia back in 2011. Leave a comment on which smartphone it did not work with and in case any reader had any luck with that kind of a model, they may reply back.    

Posted by Blogger Sharath Ganesh | 10/09/2015 02:16:00 PM

thanks dude....didn't thought it would work.    

Posted by Blogger Shaibaz Khan | 6/06/2016 02:58:00 PM

I have Reliance CDMA. The problem is there is no sim option in it... instead it is inbuilt... so now how do I copy contacts from CDMA phone to other phone or PC    

Posted by Blogger Kalyan V | 6/13/2016 03:34:00 PM

how to export contacts from LG RD3500 mobile to GSM SAMSUNG GALAXY E7
I have 600+Contact...



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