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IE10 - first browser to auto-correct text while you type

Although Internet Explorer 10 is the last among popular browsers to implement spell-checking, it is the first to support auto-correction. Did you know, IE was the first to implement CSS (in IE 3) and the idea of AJAX besides a lot of contributions to HTML5

Some interesting facts on this feature from the IE blog -
  • Preexisting text will not be spellchecked, however pasted text will be checked when it is inserted.
  • Spellchecking is active by default on <textarea> and contenteditable elements, and off by default for text boxes
  • Web developers can override the defaults using the spellcheck attribute - spellcheck=true (enabled)
  •  In the rare case that auto-correct changes something that you didn’t want changed, you can undo the change via CTRL+Z (Undo) using the keyboard, or bring up the auto-correction context menu using the mouse. In addition to using the mouse, the auto-correction menu can be activated via the keyboard by moving the insertion point inside of the word and pressing SHIFT+F10 (that key combo works to trigger any context menu). From the auto-correction menu you can also prevent the word from being auto-corrected in the future.
  • By default, as you enter text into any HTML textarea element (a multi-line input box) or any region of editable HTML content, the spellchecking engine will be used to check the last entered word. The word is checked against a dictionary associated with the current keyboard input language. If that word is misspelled or repeated it will be identified as a potential error using the familiar red squiggly underline. The identification of potential misspelled or repeated words is done in the background so that it does not slow your text entry.
  • You can add frequently used words to this dictionary or ask it ignore certain words.
  • In Windows 8 this custom dictionary will be roamed to any other Windows 8 machine that you use via the cloud. 
  • Internet Explorer 10 currently supports spellchecking in 15+ languages. It does not include any Indian languages.

The same blog entry also reveals that there will be a IE10 version for Windows 7
In Windows 8, spellchecking support is available to applications across the entire operating system, including IE10. Of course, spellchecking will also be available as an IE10 browser feature on all supported versions of Windows (including Windows 7).

This MSDN article indicates an IE10 version  for Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 R2 will come in the future -
Internet Explorer 10 is available for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012, and is expected to be released for Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

 Also see: The History of IE

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