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HOW TO extract Wikipedia content through its API using jQuery

Wikipedia's API or more appropriately MediaWiki API,  lets you programmatically fetch content & metadata related to thousands of its articles.

I built a small custom Wikipedia search application - Q-Wikipedia, to get just the first paragraph of a Wikipedia article using jQuery with help from online resources.

The REST-based Wikipedia API has many configurable options. It's easy to select the options you require using the Wikipedia API Sandbox

As I need only the first paragraph I set the value of the sections parameter to 0 (default is all)

&format=json&page="+ keyword + "

It has auto-completion of search terms, which was a breeze to implement using jQueryUI.

Super-script and a few other tags are removed from the Wikipedia content derived from the JSONP payload prior to injecting it into a DIV placeholder -


Try it out and let me know your feedback by posting a comment below.

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Posted by Blogger onlinearticles | 6/09/2013 03:36:00 PM

will you please provide the full source code for this...

thanks . for sharing..    

Posted by Blogger Anil | 6/09/2013 04:03:00 PM

The JavaScript code to access the Wikipedia API is right in the HTML page source. Right click on the page & choose View Page Source to go through it.    


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