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Tech Tips, Tricks & Trivia

by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
An architect's notes, experiments, discoveries and annotated bookmarks.

Wordament - Tips, Tricks & Trivia

Wordament is an addictive free 4×4 grid MMOWPG or Massively Multiplayer Online Word Playing Game, available for users of Windows Phone 7+ & Windows 8.

Here are some tips drawn from others & my own (limited) experience to score better -
  • Hunt for patterns, not words. Practice looking for common letter combinations and roots, which can help you quickly rack up points. A nugget like EAD, for example, can lead to BEAD, DEAD, HEAD, LEAD, MEAD, and READ.
  • Pay attention to prefixes and suffixes. Wherever you find common prefixes (DE, DIS, RE, and UN) or common suffixes (AL, ED, ER, ES, ING, LY, S) juicy words usually aren’t far behind. The most common prefixes are RE and DE.
  • Mind your Vs and Qs. Focus on high-scoring tiles such as Q, Qu, K, Z, V, which help you pile on the points even with short 3-letter words.
  • Don’t forget the past. One common beginner’s mistake is forgetting to swipe in plural and tense variations of a word. In Wordament, JUMP, JUMPS, JUMPING, and JUMPED are all legal plays.
  • Know your anagrams. If you see a word like EAT, remember to swipe in anagrams like ATE, TEA, ETA, and TAE (obscure but legal).
  • Avoid guessing - Guessing is penalized with a one second delay in accepting new words. A guess is defined as attempting to enter multiple incorrect words in a row.
  • Use the tile rotator to discover new patterns with the same letters
  • Take advantage of Themed puzzles - Currently there are two kinds of themed puzzles: Digram puzzles (single tile containing two letters, like TH) and Hidden word puzzles (containing 6 – 10 words within a given category, like food or birds). For example, the Body theme may have the words LIVER, EYE and EYES - the plural is accepted if the body has two.
  • Practice
Wordament creators, John Thornton & Jason Cahill.
Picture courtesy:  The Windows Blog
work in progress..

Also see -
A three part series on MSDN on how the Wordament was built

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