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Google is "in the business of knowledge" - Sundar Pichai

From his interview in the Economic Times -

"We, as Google, are not in the search business. We are in the business of knowledge." - Google's Senior Vice President for Chrome and Apps & IIT-ian, Sundar Pichai  (40)

A few facts -

  • About 20% of the queries we get everyday are new.
  • Our user base for Gmail has grown to 50 million users in India. 
  • Chromebook will be available in at least two countries in the Asia Pacific region, excluding India, by March 2013. 

It appears that Sundar Pichai likes taking potshots at Microsoft. Samples -

  • "Windows 8 breaks the backward compatibility of its own end-toend ecosystem."
  • "...we are constantly changing the Gmail code. It is like refuelling a plane in mid air. It happens on a day-to-day basis. If you compare it with Windows, one gets to see only four versions of Windows in five years."
  • 'IE 10 makes available cloud experience but they (Microsoft) expect you to use Windows."

Sundar Pichai during a keynote address

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