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Book Review: Instant jQuery 2.0 Table Manipulation How-to

Instant jQuery 2.0 Table Manipulation How-to by Charlie Griefer is an excellent book that explains practical web development scenarios that are possible with the use of tables and jQuery, like the following:

  • Table row striping 
  • Sum columns 
  • Show/hide rows 
  • Highlighting cells 
  • Pagination
  • Column sorting 
  • Filtering 
  • Table-related jQuery Plugins (DataTables & Tablesorter)

While you'll be able to find several code samples for the above scenarios online, what really sets this book apart is the detailed explanation of the code samples. The ideas from the book can be adapted to newer scenarios.

Although it has jQuery 2.0 in the title, there is nothing specifically meant for jQuery 2.0.

The book is suitable for a beginner to intermediate level web developer audience. Some basic prior knowledge of HTML, CSS & jQuery is required to follow the content in the book. This can be a good reference to keep handy. It is a slim book with just 56 pages and I wonder if it qualifies to be called a book.

I found the book well-written, engaging & informative. I recommend it to web developers working with jQuery.

This review is based on a complimentary ebook that Packt offered me.

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