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The Top Programmers in India according to StackOverflow

A recruiter looking for resources in a narrow area of a technology asked me if there was a way to know the hottest talent in that field in the country.

Finding the right candidate for a job is easier said than done. However one way to know about the top programming talent in India is to check the reputation points of users on StackOverflow, the internet's best known online forum for programmers. If you searched online for an answer to a programming question, the odds are very high that an answer from StackOverflow would be among the top 10 results thrown by popular search engines.

I pointed him to the StackOverflow site and asked him to look for users from India who answered questions with the tag of that technology area. This is as easy as finding a needle in a haystack.

Luckily, Stack Exchange, the parent network under which StackOverflow and 100+ other Q&A sites exist, provides an API and a database to query for data collected through the sites. I tried this query at StackExchange Data Explorer and found out that there are currently 148 members from India with a reputation of 10,000 and above:
select Id  as [User Link], Location, Reputation from Users 
where Location like '%India' and Reputation > 10000
order by Reputation desc

It may be a little narrow-minded to slot developers by country or region but if there has to be a measurable way to find out, a StackOverflow user's internet points provide one facet. The ranks may not be wholly correct as some programmers may have chosen not to reveal their location details or were too lazy to fill out their personal details on StackOverflow.

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Posted by Blogger Lokesh | 3/07/2014 11:44:00 AM

-- top users: INDIA
-- List of India-based users by reputation score. Query, naturally, by an Indian user.

Id AS [User Link],
LOWER(Location) LIKE '%india%'
Reputation DESC;

-- Calculate Percentile--
-- ((1-userRank/totalUsers)*100)    

Posted by Blogger Anil | 3/07/2014 12:43:00 PM

Thanks Lokesh for sharing your query. The results are insightful. There are more than 26K SO members from India (who have identified themselves) with at least 10 "internet points"/reputation.    


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