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Cookie usage notification

For quite a while now, I've wondered why websites all of a sudden have been bothering to put a prominent notice that reads something like - "This site uses cookies. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies."

I've learnt that websites HAVE to do so because they are mandated by European and US Internet privacy laws. The law applies to European companies even if their website is hosted overseas.

This explains why google.nl has the cookie usage notification for that domain but not for google.co.in - Indian laws probably don't ask for it. (This kind of differentiation by country exists on other Google properties as well. For political correctness, Google serves one map of India from its Indian domain & a different one when viewed from Google Map's HK TLD)

Did you know, a visit to a page on the Guardian's website may generate the following types of cookies:
- Site performance cookies
- Anonymous analytics cookies
- Geotargetting cookies
- Registration cookies
- Advertising cookies
- Third party advertising cookies

Google also declares that besides collecting info about you through a variety of cookies, it may have your location information, your voice recordings (if you use the Voice Search option), your face model (to help with facial detection if you enabled the Google+ Find my Face feature),


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