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HOW TO take a full page screenshot of a web page directly with Firefox

In Firefox (version 33), use the shortcut Shift-F2 or open Tools > Web Developer > Developer Toolbar.

At the command line that appears, type the command:
screenshot filename.png --fullpage

Unlike the full page screenshot option with the Responsive Design View that generates screenshots at different screen resolutions and with a predefined filename, the above Developer Toolbar Command line option lets you name the file as you like.

The screenshot command accepts multiple  arguments to customize the screenshot images -

screenshot [filename] [--clipboard] [--chrome] [--delay ...] [--fullpage] [--selector ...]

Save a PNG image of the entire visible window (optionally after a delay)


    [filename] (string, helpManOptional)
    The name of the file (should have a '.png' extension) to which we write the screenshot.
    [--clipboard] (boolean, required)
    True if you want to copy the screenshot instead of saving it to a file.
    [--chrome] (boolean, required)
    True if you want to take the screenshot of the Firefox window rather than the web page's content window.
    [--delay ...] (number, helpManOptional)
    The time to wait (in seconds) before the screenshot is taken
    [--fullpage] (boolean, required)
    True if the screenshot should also include parts of the webpage which are outside the current scrolled bounds.
    [--selector ...] (node, helpManOptional)
    A CSS selector for use with document.querySelector which identifies a single element

I extracted the above information by typing this at the command line -
help screenshot

I was able to take the screenshot of a specific part of a larger web page by using the selector command line parameter -
screenshot hyderabad-book-stores.png --selector #businesses-nearby-slot

The command line provides hints inline for each parameter. Pressing F1 gives me even more help about the current parameter.

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