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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
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This Week I Learned - Week #87

This Week I Learned -

Azure Websites, now lets you create a new temporary web app (expires in 55mins) for free. No credit card is required.

- By default, SQL will use as much RAM as it possibly can to maximize its performance. This behavior can be overridden.

Mobile deep linking is a methodology that allows mobile apps to communicate with the mobile web or with other mobile apps via clickable links directing users to a specific landing page or screen inside the app instead of sending them back to a mobile site or store. Enabling mobile deeplinks requires a straightforward, one-time codebase addition to an app, which involves registering a scheme to open the app and mapping routes to in-app pages or actions.

- Flipkart Affiliate Program is the first Indian affiliate program to make affiliate tracking live on Mobile Apps since October through deep linking.

Deep links to your app can be made to appear in Google Search results on Android so users can get to your native mobile experience quickly

- To see the list of installed apps on Windows 8.1, click on (the easy to miss) down arrow on the Home screen
- EFF has announced that its Let’s Encrypt, a new certificate authority (CA) initiative will automatically issue and manage free certificates for any website that needs them. Its launch is scheduled for summer 2015. Once it starts, switching a webserver from HTTP to HTTPS with this CA will be as easy as issuing one command, or clicking one button. This initiative which EFF put together with Mozilla, Cisco, Akamai, IdenTrust, and researchers at the University of Michigan, aims to clear the remaining roadblocks to transition the Web from HTTP to HTTPS.

Uber acts as a platform, and does not own the cars in its fleet. It connects users with private taxis. Uber uses a phone-based GPS system, which it uses to track its cars in much the same way that it tracks the location of a user. In contrast, competitors like Meru have GPS systems in their cars, which are used not just for tracking the cars but also checkin to ensure that they are not speeding. - NDTV

- After returning a dismal 9% in 2013, the S&P BSE Sensex has returned 35% so far this year.

- So far in 2014, FIIs have invested a little over $40 billion. - Mint

- GDP is the market value of all the products and services manufactured in India. If you think of India as a corporate firm, GDP is its sales figures.

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