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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
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This Week I Learned - Week #88

This Week I Learned -

TodoMVC project has examples of the same application, implemented with a wide range of popular JavaScript MVC frameworks. Among Angular, Backbone & Ember (used for the TodoMVC application), Backbone had the fastest render time in an perf test.

- Stackexchange serves 560 million page views per month

- Are Websites on Azure  charged while in stopped state? Yes. Rates listed apply to Website instances in stopped state. Please delete Website instances not in use or update tier to Free to avoid charges.

Google's cloud serves 6 billion hours of YouTube video per month and provides storage for 425 million Gmail users.

- Plagtracker plagiarism checking service

- All the analytics for a GitHub repository is available at https://github.com/<username>/<reponame>/graphs/traffic

There are three different types of checkmarks on WhatsApp:
~ One grey checkmark: The message has been sent but not delivered to the receiver's phone (maybe because of no connectivity / closed app / phone is off / blocked)
Two grey checkmarks: The message is delivered to the receiver's phone.
Two blue checkmarks: The receiver has read your message. With this checkmark you can know who is deliberately ignoring you.

- Code golf is a term used for the game of trying to express a particular program in as few characters as possible. Similarly, regexp golf is the practice of writing as tiny a regular expression as possible to match a given pattern, and only that pattern.

- Cadence, Infinera, Microchip, Microsemi, Synopsys, Teradata, Texas Instruments, and VM Ware are among the companies to state their second largest R&D teams are located in India or China. 20 of Adobe products were run completely from India. - HBR

Equity Mutual Funds have recorded a Rs. 86,816 crore worth of inflows for the current Financial Year till November end. Before this year, FY 2008 was the best year for Equity Mutual Funds, with a near Rs. 1.2 lakh crores in inflows for the whole year.

- India's largest software exporter, TCS, has over $13-billion annual turnover and employs over 3 lakh people across 46 countries. At the end of last quarter ended September 30, 2014, TCS had a total headcount of 3,13,757 following a gross employee addition of over 20,000 people. The headcount utilisation during the quarter stood at 86.2 per cent, excluding trainees, while the figure after including trainees was 81.3 per cent. Its attrition rate was 12.8 per cent. During the July-September quarter, TCS also crossed a milestone of employing one lakh women professionals with a gender diversity ratio of 32.9 per cent.  - Economic Times

- Amongst philosophers, Socrates is an example of a genius with a great influence on human history who never wrote anything. Almost all facts which are known about his revolutionary ideas are written by his students like Plato and Xenophon.

- In France, coffee with milk is drunk exclusively for breakfast, while black coffee is drunk for the rest of the day.

- Albatrosses can fly around the world in just 46 days. There are among the largest flying birds, weighing up to 11 kilograms, and with a wingspan up to 3.5 meters.

- Humans can live up to 100 days without food while bears can go without food for 5 months. While they hibernate, bears convert urine into proteins to reduce muscle loss. - National Geographic

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