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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
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This Week I Learned - Week #93

This Week I Learned:

Azure Redis Cache provides a session state provider that you can use to store your session state in a cache rather than in-memory or in a SQL Server database.

* According to the Mobile HTTP Archive (which tracks page metrics for the top million Alexa-ranked sites), the average page served to mobile devices carries a payload of 1109 KB. Images account for 64% of the average page’s payload. More than half of all pages served to mobile contain 11+ JavaScript requests. Almost half of all pages served to mobile use custom fonts.

* Google doesn't assure that you can remain invisible all the time when you use their chat service. It warns you after it makes you visible. When you log into Outlook, you will appear as visible in Skype even though you don't wish to appear online.

* http://www.googleusercontent.com/ is the domain path used for resources inserted by users into Google documents, etc.

* HTTP/2 vs SPDY - The response message from the server is made up of the response headers and the encoded response content. HTTP/2 has significantly smaller header sizes due to its use of the HPACK algorithm. Although, HTTP/2 produces larger responses than SPDY, HTTP/2 is faster & its encrypted connections could potentially be more secure. The multiplexing support added in SPDY and HTTP/2 reduces the number of connections that have to be setup to download a page. Firefox 35 was released this week and became the first browser to enable support for the HTTP/2 protocol by default - HttpWatch Blog

* Fifty-six percent of all online content in the world is in English.

* Andy Grove, a native of Hungary, escaped WWII and went on to found Intel.

* I discovered a new position to read from my laptop when I sit cross-legged (after several hours of trying out the new fad of standing) - by resting the laptop on its hinges.
This reminded me of the time, I had used a wooden folding book holder as a child while reading printed books sitting on the floor.
wooden folding book stand
Most of my reading now is from material on the internet or electronic books on the laptop or my Nexus 7 tablet.

* 32-years after the Light Combat Aircraft Tejas project was approved, the first aircraft  (LCA-SP1) was handed over to the Indian Air Force (IAF) by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) after an expenditure of at least 55,000 crores. It will be put to actual use in 2016 - Times of India


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