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Tech Tips, Tricks & Trivia

by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
An architect's notes, experiments, discoveries and annotated bookmarks.

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This Week I Learned - Week #95

This Week I Learned -

Echoprint is an open source music identification system that allows anyone to build music fingerprinting into their application. Echoprint “listens” to audio on a phone or on your computer to figure out what song it is.

* Automated Insights can produce 2,000 automated articles per second. Their Wordsmith platform generates millions of articles per week for partners like Associated Press, Allstate, Comcast, and Yahoo - The Verge

* Microsoft spends upwards of 11 percent of revenue on R&D

* Alex Kipman is the creator behind Microsoft's Kinect motion controller & the chief inventor of Hololens

* Thankfully, there is a page that describes icons on Windows Phone
* In 2007, when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone, he resisted apps, preferring his customers to access the web through their Safari browsers. But after that approach tanked, in 2008 he released a software development kit for app makers and launched the App Store - Wired

Stack Exchange uses your on-site activity to customize your experience and show you more relevant content. Practically speaking, this might mean showing you suggested questions that are more likely to be of use to you, based on the tags and technologies you usually browse. It now does predictive modeling based on this information to target jobs based on specific tags that of interest to you (and not just location).You can choose to disable predictions

Chris Heilmann on his doctor: "He also does one thing that I have massive respect for: he never treats my symptoms and gives me quick acting remedies. Instead he digs and analyses until he found the cause of them and treats that instead. Often this means I suffer longer from ill effects, but it also means that I leave with the knowledge of what caused the problem. I don’t just get products pushed in my face to make things easier and promises of a quick recovery. Instead, I get pulled in to become part of the healing process and to own my own health in the long run. This is a bad business decision for him as giving me more short-acting medication would mean I come back more often. What it means to me though is that I have massive respect for him, as he has principles."

* Touting the cost advantage of Indian IT human resources, this chart puts the cost of an offshore resource with over two years of experience at $24,000 whereas it is $68,786 for an US employee

* R K Laxman's autobiography is called The Tunnel of Time. Even if the date of this Laxman cartoon on Indian politicians, is not known, it is still relevant & meaningful


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