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Tech Tips, Tricks & Trivia

by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
An architect's notes, experiments, discoveries and annotated bookmarks.

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This Week I Learned - Week #188

This Week I Learned -

Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit (MAP) works by using Windows Management Interface (WMI) and remote registry reads to capture information about servers in your environment.

“The 6 R’s” of cloud migration - Rehosting, Replatforming, Repurchasing, Refactoring/Re-architecting,  Retire, Retain or do nothing (for now)

The terms SSL and TLS (Transport Layer Security) are often used interchangeably as both provide authentication and data encryption between a client and server. There are several versions of SSL, the successor to the last version of SSL (SSL 3.0) is called TLS – it is an improved version of the original SSL protocol. HTTP/2 is the latest version of HTTP that was developed using Google’s SPDY protocol. This version of HTTP provides enhanced speed, efficiency and security. Although HTTP/2 supports secured and non-secured connections, browsers like Chrome and Firefox allows the use of HTTP/2 only over SSL. To enable HTTP/2 on a website it is mandatory to have the latest version of SSL/TLS implementedWeb Performance 101: SSL and Web Security

More than 24,000 devices from over 1,300 brands run on Android. Users downloaded 65 billion apps from Google Play in 2015 — an average of more than 175 million apps a day.

*  The ThoughtWorks Technology Advisory Board, a group of senior technology leaders in ThoughtWorks, creates the Technology Radar. They meet regularly to discuss the global technology strategy for ThoughtWorks and the technology trends that significantly impact our industry. The radar captures the output of the Technology Advisory Board’s discussions in a format that provides value to a wide range of stakeholders, from CIOs to developers. The content is intended as a concise summary.

* Dr. Madan Kataria created created Laughter Yoga, a nonprofit meditative practice that involves breathing and laughing exercises, in 1995. He is a physician who has transformed himself into the leader of an international movement that promotes laughter as a cure for just about any ailment—physical, psychological, or spiritual. Kataria uses the term “yoga” only because a few of his exercises involve controlled breathing. Also, when people laugh, they exhale more than they inhale—a ratio that yogis tend to consider beneficial. He is known as the Guru of Giggling, a title bestowed upon him by the Times of London. The U.S. government has issued Kataria  a “genius visa” meant for people with exceptional abilities - New Yorker

Robert Ader, a psychologist & Nicholas Cohen, an immunologist, demonstrated that the immune and nervous systems were linked. If feelings of physical and mental distress damage the body’s chemistry, then shouldn’t positive ones rehabilitate it? Is it possible that love, hope, faith, laughter, confidence, and the will to live have therapeutic value? Laughter “can reverse or attenuate” hormonal changes brought on by stress. At the moment, perhaps the most solid scientific argument one can make about laughter and healing is that it can briefly limit physical pain though exactly how this works is not fully understood. 

* Jaguar Land Rover owned by The Tatas is the largest manufacturing employer in the UK

* It costs Rs 3.17 to print a 1000 rupee note, Rs 2.50 to print 500 & Rs 0.48 for a ten rupee note.

* "..if you decide to be healthy, hopeful, and fun-loving, that’s what you’ll be" - Harry Olson

The current Indian Mutual Fund market size is 15,75,391 crores.

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