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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
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This Week I Learned - Week #198

This Week I Learned -

* RightScale offers a free tool called Cloud Comparison that enables you to compare features across the leading public clouds.

Service Fabric leverages Docker for container management on both Linux and Windows containers. Under the covers, Docker is used to create, manage, and delete containers and container images.

Service Fabric treats containers like services. Containers are optional.

A scenario where you can use the ‘Service Fabric Services inside a container’ approach is when you want to take advantage of the container portability and immutability. By packaging the services inside container images you create and immutable environment. Think about a scenario where your service depends on a library, if you don’t use containers you need to make sure the library is present on an SF cluster. If you package the library into a container image it will travel with the app.

By combining containers with VMs, fewer Virtual Machines would be required to support a larger number of Apps, which of course would result in a reduction in storage consumption. Each VM would support multiple isolated Apps, increasing overall density of Containers, and in terms of flexibility.

If an application needs an HTTP endpoint for a potentially long running  process without getting into a elaborate programming model, Azure Functions is a good option. Azure Function evolves from WebJobs, which are part of App Service. They are great in executing some logic either in response to a trigger or on a pre-defined schedule. They have a simple programming model that doesn’t need elaborate infrastructure set up. That’s why they fall into Serverless computing category.

* The US H1-B program is a non-immigrant visa issued to people that are well qualified and where, for a job, a company couldn’t find an equivalent US worker. Data from the US government shows that India has been the biggest receiver of H1-B visas since 2010, and that share has gone from 50% to 69.4% in 5 years.  China commands about 33% of all F-1 Visas now, and India about 12%. Once students finish their education, they need an H-1B to work in the US - Capitalmind

* ...remaining unmarried and divorcing are more common among less-educated, lower-income people. Educated, high-income people still marry at high rates and are less likely to divorce - NY Times

* ..feeling safe in the workplace helps encourage the spirit of experimentation that’s so critical for innovation. Psychological safety improves learning and performance outcomes...It’s no wonder that employees prefer higher happiness at work to higher pay — and that the happiness they seek is characterized by positive, supportive relationships - HBR

Janis Joplin, Jim Morrison and Jimi Hendrix all died at 27

* “You renew yourself every day. Sometimes you're successful, sometimes you’re not, but it's the average that counts.” - Satya Nadella

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