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Azure Services GA Timeline

Timeline of when Azure Services became General Available:
December 2018
October 2018
  • Azure SQL Database Managed Instance Business Critical tier
September 2018
  • Azure Standard SSDs
  • Azure Virtual WAN
August 2018
  • Azure SQL Database Reserved capacity for single and elastic pool databases
May 2018
  • Azure Maps
  • Azure Storage Explorer
  • Azure Media Services and Video Indexer
  • Azure Container Registry
  • Azure Container Instances on Windows and Linux
  • Azure Database Migration Service
April 2018
  • Global VNet Peering
  • Azure Database for PostgreSQL
  • Azure Database for MySQL
  • Azure Service Health
  • Azure Standard Load Balancer
March 2018
  • Zone-Redundant storage
  • Azure Availability Zones in select regions
  • Azure Migrate
  • Azure SQL Database Managed Instance
February 2018
  • Azure Event Grid
November 2017
September 2017
July 2017
  • App Service Isolated Tier
March 2017
  • Azure Network Watcher
  • Azure Monitor
  • Azure Resource Health
  • Azure Advisor
  • Web Application Firewall (WAF), part of the Azure Application Gateway WAF SKU
November 2016
  • Azure Functions
  • In-Memory OLTP in Azure SQL Database Premium, 
  • R Server on HDInsight
October 2016
September 2016
August 2016 General availability: Azure Active Directory authentication for SQL Database and SQL Data WarehouseAzure Active Directory B2C, New P15 Azure SQL Database Premium performance level
July 2016 General availability: Bing APIs in Microsoft Cognitive Services, Always Encrypted for Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Azure Security Center, Microsoft Power BI Embedded, Logic Apps feature of Azure App Service
June 2016 General availability: Spark on HDInsight, F-Series Virtual Machine size
May 2016 General availability:
April 2016 General availability: Azure Container Service, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Data Catalog, Azure Cool Blob storage, Azure Service Fabric, Azure Data Catalog
March 2016 Azure App Service supports V2 virtual networks, App Service advisor: RecommendationsVirtual Machine Scale Sets, Azure SQL Database Query Store, Azure SQL Database Index Advisor, Azure SQL Database Query Performance
February 2016 General availability: Azure Search .NET SDK, Red Hat Enterprise Linux images through Azure Marketplace, Azure SQL Database Query Performance Insight
January 2016 General availability: Azure Role-Based Access Control with custom roles, SQL Database Index Advisor
December 2015 Azure Portal (code name Ibiza) is GA, General availability: Azure App Service Mobile Apps,
November 2015 General availability: Azure SQL Database geo-replication enhancements, SQL Database Row-Level Security block predicates, Azure SQL Database Query Store
October 2015 General availability: Azure Backup support for application workloads, Visual Studio Online Build and Deployment, Azure File Storage, Dynamic Data Masking for Azure SQL Database, Full-Text Search for Azure SQL Database, Transparent Data Encryption for Azure SQL Database, Azure SQL Database Full-Text Search, Azure Mobile Engagement, Dv2-Series Virtual Machine size
September 2015 General availability: Azure Backup can protect IaaS VMs running on Windows or Linux
August 2015 Row-Level Security for SQL Database, Azure Data Factory
July 2015 Azure Site Recovery adds disaster recovery and migration of VMware and physical machines, General availability: Azure Batch, SQL Server Stretch Database,
June 2015 General availability: Azure Application Gateway, Azure Active Directory Connect, Azure Virtual Machine services in Azure Resource Manager, Azure Key Vault
April 2015 General Availability: Azure Stream Analytics, Azure Premium Storage, Azure DocumentDB
March 2015 Launch of Azure App Service which integrates the best of Azure Websites, Mobile Services, API Management, and Azure BizTalk Services, in addition to new capabilities in Logic and API apps, Integrate Active Directory with App Service Web Apps, General availability: Azure Search, Azure Backup, Compute-intensive A10 and A11 instances for virtual machines
February 2015 Azure Machine Learning
January 2015 General Availability: G-Series for Virtual Machines, Azure SQL Database V12 service version
December 2014 General availability: high-performance VPN gateway
November 2014 General availability: Role-Based Access Control, Auditing for Azure SQL Database
October 2014 General Availability: Azure Websites WebJobs, Azure Websites Migration Assistant, Microsoft Antimalware for Cloud Services and VMs, Instance-Level Public IPs, Azure Site Recovery replication to Azure, Azure Event Hubs
September 2014 Azure Websites with CDN Support, Virtual Network Integration, D-Series Virtual Machine Sizes, Azure SQL Database Basic, Standard, and Premium service tiers, Azure Redis Cache
August 2014 General availability:Zone-redundant storage, Azure Resource Manager
July 2014 General Availability: Backup and restore for Azure Web Sites, Internal Load Balancing
May 2014 Deployment slots in Azure Websites expanded to 4+1 slots, Traffic Manager support for external endpoints, IP Reservation for VIPs, SAP applications certified on Azure, General Availability: Multiple site-to-site connections, VNET-to-VNET connections for virtual networks, IP Reservation for VIPs, Compute-intensive A8 and A9 instances for virtual machines, Import/Export, ExpressRoute
March 2014 Azure Traffic Manager supports Azure Web Sites, Oracle software on Azure, Hadoop 2 in Azure HDInsight
April 2014 Windows Azure renamed to Microsoft Azure, Visual Studio Online is integrated with the Azure portal, General Availability: Autoscale for all four Azure compute services: Cloud Services, Virtual Machines, Mobile Services and Web Sites, Azure Read-Access Geo Redundant Storage (RA-GRS)
January 2014 Staged deployments on Azure Web Sites
June 2012 Websites, Virtual machines for Windows and Linux, Python SDK, New portal, Locally redundant storage
December 2011  Traffic manager, SQL Azure Reporting
February 2010  Windows Azure Platform commercially available
October 2008  Windows Azure Platform (Red Dog) is announced at PDC 2008, October 27 by Ray Ozzie

Reference - Azure updates 

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