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Takeaways from Google Cloud OnBoard training event

I attended the Google Cloud OnBoard event in Hyderabad where the very accomplished Google Cloud Trainer, Jasen Baker was the tour guide to Google Cloud Platform services. Jasen's talk was peppered with funny & interesting tidbits and anecdotes -

* Google data centers are warmer than regular data centers

* Google cloud hypervisors run on RedHat KVM

* Much like the article Azure and AWS services compared, GCP has an article on Google Cloud Platform for AWS Professionals. The Map Microsoft Azure services to Google Cloud Platform productsMap AWS services to Google Cloud Platform products articles are useful to know about equivalent services in AWS & Azure

* Google has a customer that uses over a exabyte (1000 petabytes) of data

* The Site Reliability Engineering book can be read online for free

* 8 Google products have more than 1 billion users

* China needs access to physical hardware (so data centers have to cater to special regulations unlike in other parts of the world).

Pokemon GO used Kubernetes containers in 6 figures (exact numbers not revealed)

* Google Cloud DNS is the rarest of cloud services that has a 100% SLA

* Idea: Speech and Sentiment Analysis APIs can be used together in a customer support application to detect if a caller is angry and redirect to a supervisor rather than a regular agent

GCP Podcasts are a good way of catching up on new developments. They come with a transcript if you like to read instead

* Greg Wilson maintains a list describing each Google Cloud Product in 4 words

to be continued...

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