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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
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AWS vs Azure vs GCP

I'll update these tables as I keep learning more about AWS, Azure, GCP. The following info is derived from the official documentation of the public cloud providers -

Area AWS  Azure  Google Cloud Platform
Marketplace AWS Marketplace Azure Marketplace Google Cloud Launcher

Area AWS Azure GCP 
Virtual servers Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) VMs

SLA - 99.95% 
Azure Virtual Machines
SLA - 99.95% (two or more instances deployed in the same Availability Set)
Google Compute Engine

Amazon Lightsail Azure Virtual Machines & Images
Container management EC2 Container Service (ECS) Azure Container Service Google Container Engine
EC2 Container Registry Azure Container Registry (Preview) Google Container Registry
Microservice-based applications None Service Fabric
Backend process logic Lambda Functions Google Cloud Functions
Lambda @ Edge None
Job orchestration AWS Batch Azure Batch
Scalability AWS Auto Scaling Virtual Machine Scale Sets (VMSS)

Azure App Service Scale Capability (PAAS)

Azure AutoScaling
Predefined templates AWS Quick Start Azure Quickstart templates

Area AWS  Azure  GCP 
Object storage Simple Storage Services (S3) Azure Storage—Block Blob (for content logs, files) (Standard—Hot) Google Cloud Storage Standard
Virtual Server disk infrastructure Elastic Block Store (EBS) Azure Storage Disk—Page Blobs (for VHDs or other random-write type data)

Azure Storage Disks—Premium Storage
Google Persistent Disk
Shared file storage Elastic File System Azure File Storage (file share between VMs)
Archiving—cool storage S3 IA Glacier Azure Storage—Hot, Cool, Archive Tier Google Cloud Storage Nearline
Backup None Azure Backup
Hybrid storage Storage Gateway StorSimple
Bulk data transfer AWS Import/Export Disk


Storage Transfer Service
AWS Import/Export Snowball

AWS Snowball Edge

AWS Snowmobile
Azure Data Box
Disaster recovery None Site recovery

Networking & Content Delivery
Area AWS  Azure  Google Cloud Platform
Cloud virtual networking Virtual Private Cloud Virtual Network
Cross-premises connectivity AWS VPC Gateway Azure VPN Gateway
Domain name system management Route 53 Azure DNS Google Cloud DNS
Route 53 Traffic Manager
Content delivery network CloudFront Azure Content Delivery Network
Dedicated network Direct Connect ExpressRoute Google Cloud Interconnect
Load balancing Elastic Load Balancing Load Balancer

Application Gateway
Google Cloud Load Balancing (HTTP/HTTPS Load Balancing and Network Load Balancing)

Area AWS  Azure   GCP
Relational database RDS SQL Database
Azure Database for MySQL
Azure Database for PostgreSQL
Google Cloud SQL
Cloud Spanner
NoSQL—document storage DynamoDB Cosmos DB Google Cloud Datastore
Cloud Bigtable
NoSQL—key/value storage DynamoDB and SimpleDB Table Storage Cloud Datastore
Caching ElastiCache Azure Redis Cache
Database migration Database Migration Service (Preview) SQL Database Migration Wizard
Azure Database Migration Service (Preview)

Analytics and big data
Area AWS  Azure  GCP 
Elastic data warehouse Redshift SQL Data Warehouse Google BigQuery
Big data processing Elastic MapReduce (EMR) HDInsight Google Cloud Dataflow and Google Cloud Dataproc
Data orchestration Data Pipeline Data Factory
AWS Glue (Preview) Data Factory + Data Category
Analytics Kinesis Analytics Stream Analytics

Data Lake Analytics

Data Lake Store
Visualization QuickSight (Preview) PowerBI Google Data Studio
None Power BI Embedded
Search Elasticsearch Service Marketplace—Elasticsearch
CloudSearch Azure Search
Machine learning Machine Learning Machine Learning
Data discovery None Data Catalog
Amazon Athena Data Lake Analytics

Area AWS  Azure  GCP 
Conversational user interfaces virtual personal assistant Alexa Skills Kits Cortana Intelligence Suite —Cortana Integration
Microsoft Bot Framework + Azure Bot Service
Speech recognition Amazon Lex Bing Speech API Speech API, Translation API
Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS)
Speaker Recognition API
Custom Recognition Intelligent Service (CRIS)
Language Amazon Comprehend Text Analytics API Google Natural Language
Text to Speech Amazon Polly Bing Speech API
Visual recognition Amazon Rekognition Computer Vision API Vision API 
Face API
Emotions API
Video API

Internet of things (IoT)
Area AWS  Azure  GCP 
Internet of Things AWS IoT Other Services (Kinesis, Machine Learning, EMR, Data Pipeline, SNS, QuickSight) Azure IoT Suite (IoT Hub, Machine Learning, Stream Analytics, Notification Hubs, PowerBI) Cloud IoT Core
AWS IoT Azure IoT Hub
AWS Greengrass - Software for Connected Devices Azure IoT Gateway SDK/IoT Edge
Streaming data Kinesis Firehose

Kinesis Streams
Event Hubs Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Management & monitoring
Area AWS  Azure  GCP 
Cloud advisor Trusted Advisor Azure Advisor
Deployment orchestration (DevOps) OpsWorks (Chef-based) Azure Automation
CloudFormation Azure Resource Manager (ARM)

VM extensions

Azure Automation
Google Cloud Deployment Manager
Management & monitoring (DevOps) CloudWatch Azure portal

Azure Monitor (Preview)
Google Cloud Monitoring and Google Cloud Logging
CloudWatch Visual Studio Application Insights
AWS X-Ray Azure Application Insights + Azure Monitor Google Cloud Monitoring and Google Cloud Logging
AWS Usage and Billing Report Azure Billing API Cloud Billing API
Browser-Based Command Line Azure Cloud Shell Cloud Shell
AWS Management Console Azure Portal
Administration AWS Application Discovery Service Azure Log Analytics in Operations Management Suite
Amazon EC2 Systems Manager Microsoft Operations Management Suite—Automation and Control functionalities
AWS Personal Health Dashboard Azure Resource Health (Preview)
Third Party Azure Storage Explorer

Mobile services
Area AWS  Azure  GCP 
Pro app development Mobile Hub Mobile Apps

Xamarin Apps
Mobile SDK Mobile Apps
Cognito Mobile Apps

App testing AWS Device Farm Xamarin Test Cloud (front end)
Analytics Mobile Analytics HockeyApp

Application Insights
Enterprise mobility management None Intune

Security, identity, and access
Area AWS  Azure  GCP 
Authentication and authorization Identity and Access Management (IAM) Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory Premium

Managed Service Identity
Google Cloud Identity & Access Management (Cloud IAM)

Cloud Identity-Aware Proxy
AWS Organizations Azure Subscription and Service Management + Azure RBAC Google Cloud Resource Manager
Multi-Factor Authentication Multi-Factor Authentication
Information protection None Azure Information Protection
Encryption Server-side encryption with Amazon S3 Key Management Service Azure Storage Service Encryption
Key Management Service

Key Vault Google Cloud Key Management Service (Cloud KMS)
Firewall Web Application Firewall Application Gateway Web 

Application Firewall (preview)
Security Inspector Security Center Google Cloud Security Scanner
Certificate Manager App Service Certificates available on the Portal
Directory services AWS Directory Service + Windows Server Active Directory on AWS Azure Active Directory Domain Services + Windows Server Active Directory on Azure IaaS
None Azure Active Directory B2C
AWS Directory Service Windows Server Active Directory
Compliance AWS Artifact Microsoft Service Trust Portal
Security AWS Shield Azure Marketplace—Security
DDoS Protection Service

Developer tools
Area AWS  Azure  GCP 
Media transcoding Elastic Transcoder Media Services
Email Simple Email Service (SES) Marketplace—Email
Messaging Simple Queue Service (SQS) Azure Queue Storage
Messaging Simple Queue Service (SQS) Service Bus Queues, Topics, Relays
Workflow Simple Workflow Service (SWF) Logic Apps
API management API Gateway API Management Cloud Endpoints 
Enterprise app integration None BizTalk Services
Backend process logic Lambda Web Jobs
Application development None Logic Apps (App Service)
Elastic Beanstalk Web Apps (App Service)

Cloud Services

API Apps (App Service)
Google App Engine


Visual Studio Team Services
AWS Developer Tools Azure Developer Tools
None Power Apps
App testing None Azure Dev/Test Labs (backend)
App customer payment service Amazon Flexible Payment Service and Amazon Dev Pay None
Game development (cloud-based tools) GameLift None
Lumberyard None
DevOps AWS CodeBuild Visual Studio Team Services
Backend process logic AWS Step Functions Azure Logic Apps (App Service)
Programmatic access Command Line Interface Azure Command Line Interface (CLI)

Azure PowerShell

Enterprise integration
Area AWS  Azure  GCP 
Enterprise app integration none Azure Biztalk services
Enterprise application services none Dynamics 365
Amazon WorkMail

Amazon WorkDocs
Office 365
Content management in the cloud None SharePoint Online
Commercial PAAS-IAAS-DBaaS framework None Azure Stack

Area AWS  Azure  GCP 
Regions (changes dynamically)42 Availability Zones within 16 geographic Regions409 regions, 27 zones, over 100 points of presence
Free trialFree tier available for 12 months 30-day trial $300 free credit to spend over 12 months
DocumentationAWS DocumentationAzure DocumentationGCP Documentation
Pricing calculator Simple Monthly Calculator
TCO Calculator
Azure Pricing CalculatorGCP Calculator
Pricing Options
  • On-Demand
  • Spot Instances
  •  Reserved Instances
  • Dedicated Hosts
  • Pay As You Go
  •  Reserved VM instances 
  • Azure Hybrid Benefit
  •  Dev/Test Labs
  •  Microsoft Enterprise Agreement (EA)

  • Sustained Use Discounts
  • Preemptible VM Instances (similar to AWS's Spot Instances) 
  • Committed Use Discounts (similar to AWS Reserved Instances or Azure Reserved VMs)
Up-time StatusService Health DashboardAzure StatusGoogle Cloud Status Dashboard
Representative Customers & Case StudiesNetflix, Expedia...Bank of America, NBC... Spotify, Best Buy...

Cloud Migration Solutions
Area AWS  Azure  GCP 
  • Import/Export - Snowball/Snowmobile 
  • Server Migrations Service (SMS) 
  • Database Migration Service (DMS) 
  • RDS Migration tool

  • Azure Import Export
  • Azure Migrate
  • Azure Site Recovery (ASR) 
  • Azure Database Migration Service Data Migration Assistant 
Third party
  • Racemi
  • ATADATA ATAmotion
  • RiverMeadow

  • Racemi
  • ATADATA ATAmotion
  • ATADATA ATAmotion

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