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Azure SQL Data Sync - soon to be out of Preview mode

Interesting facts about Azure SQL Data Sync from blog posts & comments to articles -

Azure SQL Data Sync has been in Preview mode since 2012. Gmail which was launched on April 1,2004 as an invitation-only e-mail service officially exited its beta status on 7 July 2009 - after 5 years

Azure SQL Data Sync can be used to implement the data distribution between on-premises SQL Server, Azure SQL VM and Azure SQL databases, in uni-direction or bi-direction.

A Sync Database is a customer owned Azure SQL Database located in the same region as the Sync Group which stores metadata and logs. One Sync Database can be used for many sync groups in the same region.

SQL Data Sync is only for SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. All versions after SQL Server 2008 are supported. SQL Express is planned to be officially supported when the product becomes Generally Available (GA)

SQL Data Sync supports an automatic scheduled Sync. 5 minutes is currently the smallest frequency.

SQL Data Sync can be used with PowerShell and REST APIs

SQL Data Sync only allows you to sync between Azure SQL Databases in the same Subscription.

To workaround performance issues when database grows in records, currently you can create multiple sync groups to sync different tables in the same database.

The 32 bit version of the Data Sync 2.0 Agent will work with the 64 bit version of SQL Server.

Also see - What do CTP, RC, RTM, RTW mean?

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