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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
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This Week I Learned - Week #276

This Week I Learned -

* Site Recovery replicates data from on-premises to Azure storage over a public endpoint, or using ExpressRoute public peering. Replication over a site-to-site VPN network isn't supported. When you replicate to Azure, replication traffic reaches the public endpoints of an Azure Storage account, Thus you can only replicate over the public internet with ExpressRoute (public peering or Microsoft peering), and VPN doesn't work.  After the virtual machines have been failed over to an Azure virtual network you can access them using the private peering setup with the Azure virtual network. Replication is not supported over private peeringYou can create a site-to-site VPN, with an Azure virtual network. This doesn't interfere with Site Recovery replication.

Azure Backup supports VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines running on Linux and Windows, as well as physical Windows Servers.

Currently, more Azure VM types are certified and supported for SAP HANA than other public cloud providers

The new Microsoft Writing Style Guide brings the guidance up-to-date for 2018 and is an evolution of the Microsoft Manual of Style from 2012. The principles and guidelines in the guide are the same as those used by internal Microsoft writers, which allows consistent quality and style across all apps and content.

Azure Backup Server inherits much of the workload backup functionality from Data Protection Manager (DPM). Azure Backup Server does not back up to tape, nor does it integrate with System Center.When choosing a server for running Azure Backup Server, it is recommended you start with a gallery image of Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter or Windows Server 2016 Datacenter. The recommended minimum requirements for the server virtual machine (VM) should be: A2 Standard with two cores and 3.5 GB RAM.

The WebSocket and HTTP/2 protocols enable full duplex communication between a server and a client over a long running TCP connection. This allows for a more interactive communication between the web server and the client, which can be bidirectional without the need for polling as required in HTTP-based implementations. These protocols have low overhead, unlike HTTP, and can reuse the same TCP connection for multiple request/responses resulting in a more efficient utilization of resources. These protocols are designed to work over traditional HTTP ports of 80 and 443.

Amazon is every online retailer’s forbidding nightmare. Last year, it dominated 44 percent of the US eCommerce market and about 4 percent of all domestic retail sales.

Amazon controls about half the market for new books, more than any bookseller in the history of the United States.

Chinese people often report that they’re comfortable with government surveillance, and train stations are known to be closely watched. The logic often expressed is that those who are law abiding have nothing to fear - NY Times

* The keys to crafting a sustainable career are knowing yourself — what interests you, what you do best and not so well, what energizes you — and being acutely attuned to the fields and companies you’re interested in, so that you can identify places where you can add value - HBR

* Nearly one third of the medical professionals working with United Kingdom's National Health Service (NHS) are of Indian origin. There are 1,724 doctors with the surname Patel on the General Medical Council's list of registered medical practitioners (second to Smith, with 1,750)

* 2 sides of the same coin: Afghan shoppers go online to avoid bombs, harassment while Algeria turns off its internet to keep students from cheating on exams

* A Tokyo-based firm, Yoriso  is launching a new service that will allow you to talk to a smart speaker and receive a sermon from Buddhist monks. Users will be able to talk to a smart speaker developed by Line and describe how they are feeling: uncertain, angry or sad.

* The male sea lion can size up his competitors by the tone of their roar. Dogs back down when they hear the growl of a heftier rival. And humans, it turns out, do much the same thing - The Times

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