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HOW TO use Google Reader for bookmarking useful pages

Social bookmarking sites & online bookmarking sites serve a good purpose but require logging into an additional site. Wouldn't it be good if your Feed Reader (supposing it is Google Reader) doubles as a bookmarker to preserve your favorite pages as well?

This tip requires some familiarity with the Google Reader interface.

While you can pick the special posts from the feeds you already subscribe to by specifically marking them with the "Add Star" and "Add Tags" features to differentiate them from the rest, how do we add web pages that are not provided as a RSS feed to Google Reader?

The tutorial Create RSS Feeds for your Website shows us how to get any web page into Google Reader as if it were a RSS feed. The following are the steps adapted from that tutorial to suit our purpose.

1. Login to your Google Reader account. From the menu on the top left, select Notes. You will find a label titled "Note in reader" in the right frame. Drag & drop the "Note in reader" link from the web page into the bookmarks toolbar (Favorites Bar in IE) of your web browser.

2. Manually open your favorite web page which is not available through RSS.

3. On that page, optionally select some content that describes what the page is about with your mouse and then press the "Note in Reader" button.

4. An inline pop-up dialog opens on top of the web page you want to bookmark in your browser. Click on the "Add tags" link and assign some tag to this page (let's say "Tips & Tricks" or "A1").

Thats it! Assuming you are fond of compiling "Tips & Tricks" in your area of interest, you can now catalog any web page that you find with that tag in Google Reader whether or not they are available through RSS. Next time when you wish to see all posts that you tagged as "Tips & Tricks", select the tag from the menu on the left or using the Search feature.

Screenshots will be posted shortly.

Also see: Google Reader for Beginners

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