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by 'Anil' Radhakrishna
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Notes from Pluralsight course "Docker and Containers: The Big Picture"

The Pluralsight video course Docker and Containers: The Big Picture by Nigel Poulton provided a good introduction but I found it to be needlessly long

Key points from the 1hour 47minute course released in 22 Dec 2015 -

  • Container is a standardized unit of software
  • Open Container Initiative is responsible for Container format and runtime standards
  • Docker and containers can handle stateful and stateless workloads
  • Docker storage backend is pluggable
  • Docker containers are peristent
  • Stopping a container doesn't wipe its data. Restarting a container brings its data back
  • Container data stored in volumes persists even after the container is destroyed
  • Container Registries are places to store & retrieve container images
  • Docker Hub is the official Docker Registry
  • Registries contain Repositories
  • Registries are the enterprise IT App Store
  • Repositories can be public or private
  • Public repositories are open for pulling (downloading) but not for pushing (uploading changes)
  • Docker Engine - core technology that actually runs containers
  • Docker Content Trust - turns on image signing and verification for pushing and pulling images
  • Docker Trusted Registry - to deploy a container registry within your own corporate firewall that you own and manage

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